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Ad Astra release date June 30, 2017

(original release Feb 5, 2013)


Ad Astra (to the Stars), the fully realized composer cuts and extras from the Spaghetti-Western-Space-Dream motion picture soundtrack Man On A Mission: Richard Garriott's Road to the Stars as performed by Kodachrome. (Originally released under title Interference) is now available.


Recorded, produced and mixed by Erik Wofford, Cacophony Recorders, Austin TX


Kodachrome is:

Samantha Constant: vocals

John Constant: keyboards, guitar

Erik Wofford: omnichord, guitar, keyboards

Curtis Henderson: drums

"Psych-flavored, ethereal shoegaze pop; kissed lightly with the flavor of dusty forsaken towns; these numbers come close to fulfilling the promise of the highly-respected brain-trust that is Candi and The Strangers [Kodachrome]. With ties to local favorites The Black AngelsVoxtrot, and The Octopus Project; the Constants + Erik Wofford have generated this entity's third release with machinistic precision; successfully nailing the "Spaghetti Western Space Dream" they aimed for; and using some rather esoteric instrumentation (theremin, vibraphone, omnichord) and talent (the Tosca String Quartet) in the dealio.  


Though this one started off as a score (for the word-ily titled "Man On A Mission: Richard Garriott's Road to the Stars"), it deserves it's own screen. And headline."

-Austin Deli