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GREEN release date Nov 4, 2016


Kodachrome to release GREEN2nd in the series RGB Triptych. RED, GREEN and BLUE are each a 4-5 song EP released over a 9 month period. 


Recorded, produced and mixed by Erik Wofford, Cacophony Recorders, Austin TX


Kodachrome is:

Samantha Constant: vocals

John Constant: keyboards, guitar

Erik Wofford: omnichord, guitar, keyboards

Billy Potts: drums, percussion

James Jones: bass, drums

"Kodachrome continue their RGB EP trilogy with the new release Green, a more somber and reflective outing than its predecessor Red. But Green is also a more groove-oriented release, skewed closer to Stereolab than Broadcastthis time. The ethereal vocals and hazy tone that serve as Kodachrome’s signature traits are still out in full effect, but as EP closer “Wanderland” shows, they’re served on top of an undeniably addictive beat. Once the trilogy is completed, Kodachrome will likely have a fully realized mood music triptych on their hands."


-OVLD Latest Toughs