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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Constant as performed by Kodachrome

Kill or Be Killed release date March 1, 2016


Composed by John Constant

Recorded, produced and mixed by Erik Wofford, Cacophony Recorders, Austin TX


Musicians include:

John Constant: keyboards, bass, baritone guitars, guitars, harmonica, erhu

Samantha Constant: vocalizations

Erik Wofford: omnichord, space echo

Billy Potts: drums, percussion, thunder drum

Nic Armstrong: guitars

Aaron Behrens: vocalizations

Billy White: flamenco guitar, tamboura

Justin Meeks: vocalizations

Derek Phelps: horns

Tosca String Quartet:

  Leigh Mahoney: violin

  Tracy Seeger: violin

Jesse Ebaugh: stand up bass, slide guitar, pedal steel

Oscar Garcia: accordion

Jeff Winesett: mouth harp

Brandon Goodman: slide guitar

“Let’s talk about the musical score for “Red on Yella, Kill a Fella” for a moment. Yes, you did read that correctly. There is an actual score for a low-budget independent film that sounds like a million dollars (or more). Composer John Constant gives you exactly what you would expect in a spaghetti western… and I mean that as a compliment. There are also contemporary country twangs that reminded me of the “Young Guns” movies.”

- Examiner

"Austin psych-pop band Kodachrome, under the guidance of band leader John Constant, has recorded the soundtrack for an upcoming gritty western film, Kill or Be Killed, and we’re proud to premiere one track from said soundtrack today on Pop Press International. “Red On Yella Kill A Fella” employs a wash of gentle, psychedelic waves that drift beneath the airy female vocals of Samantha Constant recalling the work of Nancy Sinatra. "

- Pop Press International