These ethereal Austin, TX natives officially formed January 2009 after their producer, Erik Wofford (The Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky, Bill Callahan), stepped out from behind the mixing board and joined founding members John and Samantha Constant. Lush arrangements, driving beats, layers of vibraphone, organ, omnichord and guitar mix with honeyed female vocals to produce a sound which gives a nod to the bright French yé-yé paired with haunting electronica and shoegaze.


Since pioneering the Austin Dream Pop scene and working on two motion picture soundtracks, the band has now returned to their indie-noise-pop roots completing a series of 4 song EPs called RGB - Red, Green, and Blue, sets of psych-drone songs layered with luscious melodies. The latest, Blue, features the band's signature sonic landscape along with experimental vocal plays with nods to Kerouac, false Gurus, and Blade Runner. The band reformed with new members Billy Potts (Black and White Years) on drums, Jason Stout (Monroe Mustang) on guitar, and Todd Pruner (English Teeth) on bass.

"Written right after hot-shit producer Erik Wofford (The Black Angels, Maserati, Voxtrot, The Octopus Project, Explosions in the Sky) joined the band, this focused sophomore album by the potential breakout Austin dream-pop group is romantically adrift in the zero-gravity space-age fantasia of the late '60s and '70s. Coaxing similar vintage futurism to early Air and Ladytron, 10th of Always is all sleek, silvery lines and twinkling stars. Giving the voyage some bite and vibe are fuzzed edges and analog groans."

- Flagpole

"Kodachrome continue their RGB EP trilogy with the new release Green, a more somber and reflective outing than its predecessor Red. But Green is also a more groove-oriented release, skewed closer to Stereolab than Broadcast this time. The ethereal vocals and hazy tone that serve as Kodachrome’s signature traits are still out in full effect, but as EP closer “As Above So Below” shows, they’re served on top of an undeniably addictive beat. Once the trilogy is completed, Kodachrome will likely have a fully realized mood music triptych on their hands."


"Mainstream electronic audiences may gravitate towards the happy and heartwarming, but Kodachrome have other intentions. Their newest single “Rain In Vain” produces darker and mysterious sounds from the deep depths of Austin. The electric psych pop project unveil haunting and pleasantly intense sounds throughout every minute of the track. Layers of synth and bass make for a full and rich sound that gets your ears perked up right from the first second. Kodachrome throw in powerful vocals that are lush and long lasting for a rather memorable listening experience as well. Not often do you hear a new psych sound that isn’t too beholden to what came before, but Kodachrome set themselves apart with Rain and Vain."


"Pysch indie rock band Kodachrome writes songs filled with dark choruses, driving beats, and layers of organs and synths. For any lover of that intoxicating combination, their recent EP RED is one not to be missed. Featuring the breathy vocals of front woman Samantha Constant, and a style reminiscent of The Cure, the band does an excellent job at crafting very dramatic songs. The track “All There Is” in particular has a moody tone that would work well in a film. From this song, it’s easy to see why Kodachrome is gaining notoriety on the local scene."


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